Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Adsense-A guide for making money online

You always hear about people making money online through there websites, rite? But have you ever tried? Maybe you have and got lost and maybe you haven’t due to the fear of getting lost. So I’m going to explain to you how you can make a little extra money through a program called Google Adsense.

What is Adsense? Adsense is a program created by Google that allows you to post ads (through Google) on to your site. The concept of adsense is that you post ads onto your site, people click on the ad, you get paid. The money comes through Google adsense not directly from the sites so its made simple for you.

You may be looking at this and saying "But I don’t have a site?". Well no problem creating a site is easy, and a great place to get started is here. Blogger is a great site for beginners and experienced users. Click the link here: to start making your blog/site for free and with no download.

Once you have started your site you will need to register with adsense. You will need to put in you info such as your name and address. Note that you will not have to put in any bank numbers unless you choose that to be your payment method. Registering isn’t hard with adsense just make sure you put your correct website address because you cannot change the website address.

Now that you have your site its time for adsence. If you are using Blogger than read this paragraph, if not look at the next. Since you are using blogger It will be a little easier. Go to you Blogger home page click layout>templates>add template> adsence>edit look>then click save and your add will soon appear. Watch video for further detail:

Although i would use Blogger(obviously), if you were to use another website program such as freewebs you will need to log in to your adsense account click adsense setup>manage ads>color palettes>channels>competitive ad filter>site authentication>allowed sites. Go through each one selecting your preferred option or filling out the information then at the end you will get your code which you then need to copy and paste it.

So after you have done all that your pretty much done. If you have registered with Google(which u might have to now days) than you can easily access your adsense account once logged in with Google. There you can check how much money you've made, make ads for other websites, ect...Hope this guide helps!
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