Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Progressive Auto Insurence Truth-Comparing Rates

If you watch well, any TV, then you’ve most likely seen the advertisements for progressive auto insurance. In these ads they’ll have the obnoxious (supposed to be funny) cashier lady in the white "online progressive store". Maybe you haven’t seen these maybe you’ve just seen or heard about progressive online. Either way I would listen up.

This one like most others is really quite simple; you just have to keep it in mind. In the progressive advertisements they really try to push two things: customer service and comparing rates (online). I’m talking about there comparing rates online.

They claim that online they will "compare your rates with other top companies" for free. Is this true? Yes. They will. I’m telling you the catch. You see as you may have saw in the commercial they project rates "from other top companies". But you see that’s just it (caught on yet?). It’s ONLY certain other top companies that are included in this list. Think about it, it’s their website, their service they can pick and choose whatever companies they want to present to you in comparison to theirs. Now if they're trying to sell you there insurance why in the world would they show you that there’s a better price out there. There not! So basically what I’m saying here is that they can easily give you a bias filtered list of there competition. Who knows what there leaving out...?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to make a website-through blogger

Today im going to start to tackle one of the omst frequently asked questions on the internet:"How do i make a website?"

Listen i know what the common person on the internet wants.Most people are looking for a simple,free, and stress free way to make a website.THAT is what blogger has.Blogger is one of many website hosting domains.The unique thing about it is that it's FREE. There other free host out there on the web, but i have found that for the average internet user Blogger is the simplest and easiest.I am going to give you an easy step by step guide to making a website through blogger.You realisticly wouldnt HAVE to have a guide to make a website through blogger beacause its so easy but just in case im here to help and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

1.First thing you will need to do is have an idea of what your site is going to be about.Pretty much any idea fits at blogger i would say.If your here for strictly for buisness (ie:products sales) you MIGHT want to look somewhere else.Once you have your idea it is not set in stone, thats the thing about the blogger, nothing is TRUELY set in stone.

2.Sign up/register
Signing up is easy and as said above its free(forever)
-register email, create password, accept terms, countinue.
-choose website name, your html ( ie:http://guidesandtruths.blogspot.com/ )
-choose template.The template is the basic website design.This can be changed at any time
3.Now your ready to edit your site.
One good editing tool is the page elements feature this is a good way to rearange and add cool features to your site: (pic showing relation)

Another main thing you will use is the posting section.This is what im using now to type my message to you. Here you can simply type a text message(this) post a picture(above) or even a videos.
To make a post like this you will need to go to posting>create which is where you will make your title(or post) and whatever else you would like to put in it. One feature i like is that if you are not finished or just would like to wait you can save it as a draft by clicking save now. Even better, it will auto save you work(as draft) as you pause typing(with no lagg). Once you are ready to continue with this draft you simply go to edit post and then click edit on the draft you wish to finish. Once you think your done with the post click publish potst to have your post now shown publicly on your blogg for all to see.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ab shocker-Truth

As requested in the short poll I will quickly answer the question of "Does the ab shocker or ab belts really work?" Well I have been doing some research and it’s confirmed that they don’t work. I think it was pretty obvious but I’m just letting you know for sure.
How do I know?
-Lots of online searching
-My Brother (who obviously is irresponsible) decided to buy this. It did not work at all.
This is truely not a "shocker"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FreeCreditReport.com Truth

Ok so you have probably seen the commercials on TV. about "FreeCreditReport.com" a website that claims they can give you your credit report for free. So I’ve done some research and im going to tell you THE TRUTH.

Well the truth is you can get a free credit report, but there’s a catch(as usual). The catch is actually stated in small print on the front page of there website:

"When you order your free report here, you will begin your free trial membership in Triple AdvantageSM Credit Monitoring. If you don't cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period**, you will be billed $14.95 for each month that you continue your membership."

What this means is saying is that to get your free credit report you must sign up for a membership at $14.95 a month. There’s good news though, if you cancel the membership in the first "7 day trial period" you will pay nothing and get your free credit report!

They do this because they know that people will forget to cancel or not even pay attention to the subscription. I think this is a perfect example of how easy it is to take advantage of Americas increasing lack of smarts and common sense.

My final verdict: If you have read all above...you might be able to get it safe, but I wouldnt risk it.

-Quote above(can be found on FreeCreditReport.com)
-I've personally looked into it myself.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Adsense-A guide for making money online

You always hear about people making money online through there websites, rite? But have you ever tried? Maybe you have and got lost and maybe you haven’t due to the fear of getting lost. So I’m going to explain to you how you can make a little extra money through a program called Google Adsense.

What is Adsense? Adsense is a program created by Google that allows you to post ads (through Google) on to your site. The concept of adsense is that you post ads onto your site, people click on the ad, you get paid. The money comes through Google adsense not directly from the sites so its made simple for you.

You may be looking at this and saying "But I don’t have a site?". Well no problem creating a site is easy, and a great place to get started is here. Blogger is a great site for beginners and experienced users. Click the link here:https://www.blogger.com/start to start making your blog/site for free and with no download.

Once you have started your site you will need to register with adsense. You will need to put in you info such as your name and address. Note that you will not have to put in any bank numbers unless you choose that to be your payment method. Registering isn’t hard with adsense just make sure you put your correct website address because you cannot change the website address.

Now that you have your site its time for adsence. If you are using Blogger than read this paragraph, if not look at the next. Since you are using blogger It will be a little easier. Go to you Blogger home page click layout>templates>add template> adsence>edit look>then click save and your add will soon appear. Watch video for further detail:

Although i would use Blogger(obviously), if you were to use another website program such as freewebs you will need to log in to your adsense account click adsense setup>manage ads>color palettes>channels>competitive ad filter>site authentication>allowed sites. Go through each one selecting your preferred option or filling out the information then at the end you will get your code which you then need to copy and paste it.

So after you have done all that your pretty much done. If you have registered with Google(which u might have to now days) than you can easily access your adsense account once logged in with Google. There you can check how much money you've made, make ads for other websites, ect...Hope this guide helps!
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