Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to make a website-through blogger

Today im going to start to tackle one of the omst frequently asked questions on the internet:"How do i make a website?"

Listen i know what the common person on the internet wants.Most people are looking for a simple,free, and stress free way to make a website.THAT is what blogger has.Blogger is one of many website hosting domains.The unique thing about it is that it's FREE. There other free host out there on the web, but i have found that for the average internet user Blogger is the simplest and easiest.I am going to give you an easy step by step guide to making a website through blogger.You realisticly wouldnt HAVE to have a guide to make a website through blogger beacause its so easy but just in case im here to help and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

1.First thing you will need to do is have an idea of what your site is going to be about.Pretty much any idea fits at blogger i would say.If your here for strictly for buisness (ie:products sales) you MIGHT want to look somewhere else.Once you have your idea it is not set in stone, thats the thing about the blogger, nothing is TRUELY set in stone.

2.Sign up/register
Signing up is easy and as said above its free(forever)
-register email, create password, accept terms, countinue.
-choose website name, your html ( ie: )
-choose template.The template is the basic website design.This can be changed at any time
3.Now your ready to edit your site.
One good editing tool is the page elements feature this is a good way to rearange and add cool features to your site: (pic showing relation)

Another main thing you will use is the posting section.This is what im using now to type my message to you. Here you can simply type a text message(this) post a picture(above) or even a videos.
To make a post like this you will need to go to posting>create which is where you will make your title(or post) and whatever else you would like to put in it. One feature i like is that if you are not finished or just would like to wait you can save it as a draft by clicking save now. Even better, it will auto save you work(as draft) as you pause typing(with no lagg). Once you are ready to continue with this draft you simply go to edit post and then click edit on the draft you wish to finish. Once you think your done with the post click publish potst to have your post now shown publicly on your blogg for all to see.

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