Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Progressive Auto Insurence Truth-Comparing Rates

If you watch well, any TV, then you’ve most likely seen the advertisements for progressive auto insurance. In these ads they’ll have the obnoxious (supposed to be funny) cashier lady in the white "online progressive store". Maybe you haven’t seen these maybe you’ve just seen or heard about progressive online. Either way I would listen up.

This one like most others is really quite simple; you just have to keep it in mind. In the progressive advertisements they really try to push two things: customer service and comparing rates (online). I’m talking about there comparing rates online.

They claim that online they will "compare your rates with other top companies" for free. Is this true? Yes. They will. I’m telling you the catch. You see as you may have saw in the commercial they project rates "from other top companies". But you see that’s just it (caught on yet?). It’s ONLY certain other top companies that are included in this list. Think about it, it’s their website, their service they can pick and choose whatever companies they want to present to you in comparison to theirs. Now if they're trying to sell you there insurance why in the world would they show you that there’s a better price out there. There not! So basically what I’m saying here is that they can easily give you a bias filtered list of there competition. Who knows what there leaving out...?

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